3 mistakes that can damage your pressure washer


Many people take their pressure washers in for service for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons may be due to factory defects or damage in the delivery of the product. Sometimes the damage of the equipment is due to the misuse of this tool, so here you will know the list of errors that can damage your pressure washer.

It is important to remember that when the user takes equipment or tool to the technical service, the specialized staff has probably already seen the fault on many other occasions. So it is important to be sure to explain very well what the problem is with your pressure washer.

Many experts agree that most of the problems or failures of pressure washers are due to the fact that the customer does not know how to use it correctly. If the user has difficulty using the pressure washer, it is possible that the machine is not working properly.

Most suppliers offer a warranty for pressure washers, but users will not be able to enjoy this benefit if the failure of this tool is due to the customer’s negligence when using it.

To avoid complications and additional costs, it is best to know how to use the pressure washer and above all to know the most common mistakes to avoid damaging this equipment, which can be very expensive.

Manufacturers state that there are failures that can be avoided by giving the correct use to this type of tool, so on this occasion, we let you know some of the mistakes that can damage your pressure washer.

1. Underestimating work requirements

This is one of the most common mistakes that can damage your pressure washer. Sometimes, looking for better prices or practicality, you can force the pressure washer above what it can really give.

There are models of pressure washers that can be used to wash the car. However, it does not mean that you will be able to start a car cleaning business. Each pressure washer is manufactured for a specific workload.

Before buying a pressure washer, it is important to know what model it is and what its specifications are. Pressure washers are designed to meet domestic needs or industrial cleaning tasks that require more or less power.

2. Failure to release pressure at the end of the job

Leaving the trigger pressed when the maximum water pressure has not been reached can also be a serious mistake that can damage your pressure washer. Failure to evacuate the pressurized water contained within the pressure washer can cause the high pressure to be retained longer than it should be.

The best way to evacuate the pressure from the pressure washer is to disconnect the equipment from the electricity and press the trigger until the water stops coming out. This will release the pressure from the pressure washer and prevent damage to the pump.

3. Bad water supply

One of the most common mistakes when using a pressure washer is not checking that the water supply is sufficient. When water power is low or the pressure washer is turned on without sufficient water pressure, it is more likely to be damaged.

To prevent damage to the pressure washer, make sure it is full of water before turning it on by checking that the water level has reached the height of the trigger. Turning it on before this happens may cause it to malfunction.

As for the water supply, many times pressure washers are damaged because the water used is not clean. Using dirty water or water containing residue will undoubtedly compromise the performance of the pressure washer.


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