How To Create A Customized Blonde Lace Front Wig


Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors. People have gone above and beyond to get the “blonde experience.” However, many women have suffered significant hair damage from coloring their hair blond. This is where blonde wigs like blonde lace front wig come in. Blonde wigs will allow you to experience being blonde and experiment with various looks without damaging your hair. You can play around with your wig to create a customized blonde lace front wig. This post provides tips for doing this.

How to create customized blonde lace front wigs

There are numerous tips for customizing your blonde lace front wigs. Below are some simple ones;

1. Highlighting

You can customize your blonde lace front wig by highlighting it. Highlighting is where you change the wig’s color by bleaching a few strands in different sizes. The best highlighting technique with a blonde wig would be to use a darker color. You can also use a different shade of blond as the highlight color, and this depends on the wig’s original blonde shade. Temporary highlights are always a great option. This way, you can try out different colors after a short time. You can create your customized blonde lace front wig by highlighting it at home using lightener, color, direct hair dye, or visiting a professional hair colorist.

2. Curling

You can also create a customized blonde lace front wig by curling it. You can only do this if you have a human or semi-human hair wig. This is because you will need to apply heat to the hair to create curls. Applying heat to synthetic hair will cause significant damage, like burning hair strands. However, curling human or semi-human hair is easy. Various types of human hair, like Brazilian hair, are easier to curl and hold curls for longer. Depending on your style and preference, you can play around with unique curls and waves. While curling, also take care not to burn the lace.

3. Pluck, part, and repeat

Pluckick can also help you customize your wig. This is where you remove a few hair strands from the wig’s sides. You can create baby hairs on the sides and front depending on your style when plucking your wig. Doing this will make your wig stand out. You can also play around with various parts like the side and middle parts. The trick is to repeat the process until you land on a style you can work with. However, you ought to be careful not to pluck too much hair off the wig. This way, you do not tamper with the volume. Also, it could affect the hairline. Therefore, it would be wise to place the wig on a mannequin as you pluck, part, and repeat.


Customizing a blonde or other colored lace front wig is more work than most people understand. Any mistakes could cost you your whole wig and the money you spent acquiring it. For instance, using heat treatments on a synthetic wig could burn and damage it to a point where you cannot use it.


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