Everything You Need To Know About Brake Caliper System


Now everyone has a car but not all know about the systems their car have. Sometimes it is necessary to know about the system and the working of these systems especially if you are planning to replace a component or are trying to resolve an issue without any mechanic help.

Your car has a couple of systems and the brake caliper is one of the important systems that you should understand. You can go now to know the failure or sticking of your brake caliper. Read the given article to learn about the brake caliper system and what do brake calipers do.

Everything You Want To Know About Your Car Brake Caliper

Every vehicle has a brake caliper system, everything that a common person may want to know is described below:

What Is A Brake Caliper?

The brake caliper is the primary component that carries the function of car stops. It has different parts. It creates friction with rotors to slow down your car. They are responsible for squeezing the brake pad against the brake rotor to stop the vehicle. Due to this reason, they are very important and should be maintained or replaced when needed.

How Does The Brake Caliper Work?

When you press the brake pedal outside, a lot happens inside to make the car stop. You start the flow of hydraulic fluid via brake lines when you put your foot on the pedal. The liquid will go into the caliper in each wheel and create pressure inside.

The pressure will force the brake caliper to press against the pads by squeezing onto the wheel rotor. As a result, friction will be created between the pads and rotor and the wheels slow down or stop together.

Types of Brake Caliper

Three main types of brake calipers are explained below:

● Vernier Caliper

Vernier calipers are a good choice for those who can easily read numbers without getting confused because these calipers are sticking shifts. They don’t have a dial and reading is computed directly which is sometimes difficult to read. But as compared to others they are affordable, shockproof, and durable.

● Dial Caliper

These calipers are very easy to use. The value is displayed on a dial. For the complete measurement, the value is added to the value of the slide. These calipers are not as shockproof as Vernier calipers are, additionally, they are more costly.

● Digital Caliper

A digital caliper is the best option if you need to get accurate measurement readings. These calipers can capture all the measurements precisely and display them with an accuracy of 0.025mm.

Brake Caliper Failure

Your vehicle brake caliper is subjected to many extreme conditions so it can fail or stick because of many reasons. Such as a metal brake caliper can rust or it is the weather conditions that make them worn out.


Brake calipers play a significant role in your car running and stopping so you must keep an eye on them and replace them if needed. The given article describes a lot about brake calipers that a person may want to know to understand their functioning.


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