How To Care For A Steak Knife


When in the market for a steak knife, you’ll more than likely encounter a plethora of them with different sizes and shapes to select from. Most folks think that fancy steak knives should be straightened as well as made with a grain of meat unlike having ridges on the real cutting edge. There’s no denying that the grain of steak has a significant role in keeping the knife sharp for an extended period, but it doesn’t have to be the sole consideration.

Some are flat, meaning they catch as well trap more juices. Besides, it’s excellent for picking drippings as well as keeping them off steaks. Also, the flat blades are a bit easier to hold for longer periods with a good balance.

Now, the big question is; how long do you intend to use your steak knife? A well-cared-for knife will last you even up to five years and more. So, how well are you required to care for your steak knife?


It’s pretty obvious that nothing much one can do with a blunt steak knife; however, it’s wise to keep monitoring its cutting edge. A dull knife will either require sharpening or even restoring manually via removing getting rid of the sharpening stone or even replacing it altogether.

Sharpening your steak knife does not only ensure that your knife performance increases but also ensures that it serves you for a longer period effectively.


Storage is one of those things that most folks look down up, but when done properly, it comes a long way to prolong the lifespan of your steak knife and also help avoid injuries. Ensure that you store your knives in a cutlery cabinet. Besides, you can store them in another cabinet and avoid hanging them upside down in the kitchen sink as they can get damaged easily.

Leaving your steak knives anyhow can damage them as they could be falling into the floor, meaning you might be required to purchase another set sooner than expected.

Cleaning Routine

Ideally, your cutlery should be cleaned at least every week and after every use. That way, it helps to maintain the knife cutting edges. Moreover, for best results, you should ensure that you wipe them and then let them air dry.

Ensure that you follow the same routine when cleaning the steak knives every time you cook. Wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Next, check the blade to ensure that it’s dull if required so.

Also, when cooking steak, it should be known that a slice of meat can easily separate from the handle. Therefore, to maintain the sharpness of the handle, you need to rub the handle with a toothbrush a plethora of times a day. Also, it’s important to purchase a steak knife that has a single-piece handle as it makes it easier to clean.

To get the best out of your steak knives, ensure that you take care of them all the time by cleaning, storing, and sharpening them properly.


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