How to Store Sunglasses without having scratches


There are many advantages to choosing magnetic sunglasses for glasses. However, when the sunglasses start to have some scratches, it can get frustrating. Scratches in any glass are mostly our fault, and this guide is here to show you how to store glasses without a scratch.

Clean your glass with a microfiber cloth

You may not know this, but you need to treat your sunglasses like regular prescription glasses. Of course, the purposes of both glasses are not the same, but the lenses are at least, made from the same material. Hence, it will make a lot of sense to have to clean it like a prescribed glass. Using the same type of clothing made out of microfiber will do a lot of good for eyeglasses.

Use water to rinse the glasses

If you are using prescription glasses, there is a high chance of using soap to damage them. This also applies to your sunglasses. You can use soap to wash it, but ensure that it is not a frequent occurrence. As much as you can, try to avoid using soap to wash any sunglasses. This will save your eyeglasses from the risks of harmful chemicals in regular soaps. If you must, use the mild soaps specially made for cleaning glasses. Before you use soap, however, try to rinse it first and confirm. After that, you need to check if there is a further need to clean it.

Using a basket

Sunglasses are usually one complementary part of our daily outfits. In most cases, we pick them up last after we have worn every other thing we wish to wear. Using a basket as the storage point for any sunglasses is great because you will not have to look for the sunglasses after you have dressed up. This basket can be either plastic or wooden.

Store in a tray and drawer

Your tables, shelves, and other furniture usually have drawers where we keep books and other items. If you are a sunglasses person, nothing is stopping you from utilizing these drawers to keep your sunglasses. In case you do not want to put it into the drawers anyhow, you can choose to use a tray first, then fix it in.

Get a case for sunglasses

If what you have is one of those very expensive sunglasses, then the chances are high that it came with a case. If it did not come with one, you should buy a case for your sunglasses. This case acts as the shelter for the sunglasses, shielding them against all forms of scratches and effects that can come from outside. You can put your glasses in a case and keep them anywhere because you are rest assured of the sunglasses’ protection.


Sunglasses can be very beautiful and classic, but they usually come at a cost. If you do not want to waste that money and start dealing with damaged sunglasses, you need to follow the steps discussed in this guide. The main idea is to protect all parts of the sunglasses from every possibility of a scratch. This will enable you to use the sunglasses for an extended period without anyone knowing when you purchased them. Of course, it is not a type of eyeglass that you wear every day, so you are safe.


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