Unblock Your TV Box for more content options


Familiar with the world TV box? What is the functionality of the TV box? Why do people use TV boxes? People have known about TV boxes through the brand “Android TV Box”. TV boxes are small devices that enable a lot of features in the TV. These features might be in the form of User Experience, more channels, and many other great features like storage, etc. These TV boxes are made by different companies and sell internationally worldwide. There is a wide range of different brands manufacturing their TV boxes to increase their product sale and earn trust. One of the best TV boxes in the entire world is “unblock tv box”.

Unblock TV box- Design of UBOX9:

Unblock TV box is a brand that offers its services worldwide. This brand has earned a name through offering services and cool features. In August 2021, UBOX has released its latest model, UBOX9. The manufacture of UBOX9 has changed a lot and upgraded this device to the utmost level. However, there is still a lot to come from this brand. They added a lot of new and cool features to this device. These features enhance the effectiveness of the product, which provides a better user experience and comfortable channels performance. Overall the look and packing of this device is attractive and modern. This white machine comes with a white power cord and white HDMI. A cool remote to control the functionality of the device and explore it. What’s new about UBOX9? Read the next part.

Unblock TV box- What’s new in UBOX9?

Looking at the core features of the UBOX9, there are good steps taken by the brand. Like they have increased the storage of the device. UBOX8 come with 3GB+32GB but in UBOX9 they have changed and upgraded it to 4GB+64GB. Due to this core feature of more storage, people prefer UBOX9 over other brands and their TV boxes. Some of the cool features are here:

  • 4GB+64GB memory storage which allows downloading more TV series, Channels and Applications. This large storage provides flexibility in addition to channels of your choice.
  • It has Android Version 10.0 is installed on it. Through which you can communicate and can access different Android 10.0 features.
  • Bluetooth V.5 is also installed in it that provides better connectivity from a long distance and decreases the disconnected problem of Bluetooth from your device to the device.
  • The connection is strong and stable. Android 10 provides smoothness in the functionality of the device.
  • Almost 2000 channels are already installed in it, which are free to watch and it does not apply additional charges. These channels also include live sports channels.

Due to these features, this device has competed with EVPAD 6P and given beat to EVPAD 6P.

Unblock TV box- Channels in UBOX9:

Let’s look at the channel section of this cool device (UBOX9). From looking at the storage given by this brand, it is obvious that there will be more channels in this device. You can add as many channels as you like of your choice. It provides even those channels which are paid. The best part about paid channels is that they are free to watch. You don’t have to spend a penny watching those channels. Most of the channels which are paid and free on this device are mostly Sports channels. This device has smooth performance with a better user experience and graphics.


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