Vaping — 5 Facts You Must Know!


“Smoking is hazardous to health” — whether traditional or vapes — there are risks for both kinds of smoking. As you might be aware that Uwell Caliburn AK2 are gaining rapid popularity,and e-cigarettes are safer than conventional ones.

You might take e-cigarettes as a safe alternative, but you should be aware of its dangerous side. In the following guide, you’ll learn whether or not e-cigarette is a good choice. So, follow us till the end and know what the vaping  industry is hiding from you.

Harmful, Yet a Little Less Than Smoking

You might consider vaping is a harmless activity, which it is not. Even if its harm is not as much as smoking, it’s still harmful! These e-liquids are not made of fruits, if that’s what you think. Instead, it is made of some ratio of chemicals and nicotine. So, it’s not right to believe that e-cigarettes are harmless.

Moreover, many people are exposed to many lung diseases due to vaping. That is why many countries have banned e-cigarettes  and their flavours.

Growing Addiction of Youth

Many e-cigarette advertisements are directed toward young adults, leading them to addiction. The addiction to e-cigarettes is not good and can lead to grave diseases. In addition, teens also have easy access to it, which might lead them to poor health.

The habit of smoking e-cigarettes is quite harmful as conventional cigarettes. And teens seem to be in habit as they want to hop on the trend. Besides, its modest model makes it easier for teens to hide it from elders

So the first and foremost thing for you is to know whether its right age for you to own e-cigarette or not.

Not Enough Effective in Quitting Smoking

Although e-cigarette is believed to be effective in quitting smoking, many studies show it is not. If you don’t have a self-control than this device is surely not for you.

It’s better to consult your doctor and choose the right way to quit smoking. You’ll find far more effective and easy ways to quit nicotine intake rather than trying another nicotine-filled device.

Can Affect Organs Development

If consumed wrong, e-cigarette can be your worst enemy too. Wrong consumption of e-cigarette leads to the dysfunction of many vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, and brain. The lung infection rate due to e-cigarette is higher these days. Which somehow also affects hearts.

On the other hand, the brain can hold our vital activities and not function properly due to excessive e-cigarette usage. It’s better to have self-control and not make e-cigarette  an addiction or habit.

Final Thoughts

Even if it’s said to be authentic enough in quitting smoking, you should examine it yourself. E-cigarette  is better than smoking, yet some facts make it not so safe. So please don’t make a hurry and think about it with an open mind. Meanwhile, have loads of luck in making the right decision.


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