What Hair Lengths Can I Get With Transparent Lace Wig?


Emerged as an incredibly realistic wig, transparent lace wig is a new form of lace wigs suitable for almost all skin tones. Transparent lace wigs blend well with your skin complexion and make it look like natural hair. They are available in different hair lengths and style that helps people to experiment hairstyles without the need to alter their natural hair.

Different Hair Lengths You Can Try Out

In this section, you will see the various hair lengths in which transparent lace wigs are available.

1. Short Bobs

Short bobs are super short hairstyle that stays below your ears or sometimes to your cheek level. Choosing this hair length is a way of experimenting how bold you are in your appearance. This hairstyle can give you a fearless look and you can customize the length depending on how short you want your wig to be.

2. Long Bobs

If you are not comfortable with short bobs, you can try out long bobs that suits most people. In long bob, the length of the hair barely touches your shoulder. For a person with thin hair, long bobs are the best option for them to experiment. Like short bobs, you can still look funky and jazzy in long bobs.

3. Bobs With Bangs

If you are looking for a hairstyle to make you look cute, pair your bobs whether short or long with bangs. To add flairs to your bangs, you can make it shorter than normal bangs that can help you stand out. Bangs go along with all kinds of hair length and helps people to try out such experimental hairstyle which they haven’t tried before without any hesitation.

4. Shoulder Length

Shoulder length is probably the most common hair length which people desire. They can put on such shoulder length transparent wig to add more volume to their existing natural hair. It gives you a decent and simple look which is well-suited for all occasions whether formal or casual.

5. Mid Back Length

To try out something that is trendy and chic, you can choose mid back length wig. Women prefer such hairstyle as it is not too short or too long and manageable. It helps in enhancing their confidence and appearance for stepping out to the public.

6. Waist Length

Having waist length hair is still a dream for many. It takes a lot of effort to manage such hair in real life. So, buying a waist length wig is a dream come true moment for the people who wish to have long hair. People with real long hair can also try if they want more volume to their hair.

Advantages Of Hair Wigs

  • Hair wigs help you experiment on different hairstyles which you always wanted to try
  • It helps in saving your time on styling your hair
  • Wigs adds the desired volume to your hair thereby overcomes thinning hair and have confidence in them
  • Wearing a wig is good way to protect your natural hair from the heat and other chemicals
  • Having a wig can help you save money on salon visits, styling tools, shampoo and conditioners


As you are aware about styling options and advantages of using a wig, buy your desired transparent lace wig from Ishow Hair’s. You can choose from a wide variety of wigs that gives you an incredibly realistic look. Depending upon the hair length you desire, Ishow Hair can help you get your transparent lace wigs customized according to your personal taste.


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