Standardized And Personalized Custom Poly Mailers Bag


As a seller, you know an effective marketing strategy needs quality marketing tools. Suppose you’ve been spending excessive money on custom printing and mailing bags. Then it’s time to reduce your costs and take the next step in automation.

You have to give your customers the best in the world. You have to standardize their packaging while also giving them a personalized feel. A standard custom poly mailers bag provides you with a new way to innovate.

It will satisfy your customers and provide you with the innovation you have always needed. A custom poly mailers bag is a clear, reusable shipping bag where you can insert all your business and marketing materials.

These bags are perfect for packaging small products, parts, and supplies. They are lightweight and robust and provide extra protection over the traditional cardboard box.

Advantages Of Custom Poly Mailers Bag

· Moisture And Odor Resistant

Moisture and odor-resistant properties make the custom poly mailers bag ideal for storing books, clothing, and other products. The moisture-resistant feature also helps maintain product freshness for more extended periods.

A moisture barrier prevents water from getting onto the items. Because there is no threat of mold or mildew growth, these bags can be stored inside their shipping containers for days or even weeks.

· Multiple Application Usage

Multiple application usage is a property of materials that makes the material suitable for use in several different applications without changing its properties. It means the custom poly mailers bag, which can be used for packing, mailing, and storage.

When you need to pack some fragile stuff, like glassware or expensive electronic products, it is necessary to choose custom poly mailers with high-quality material to avoid damage during shipping.

· Self-Adhesive Design

The self-adhesive design is a great feature that enables customers to get the best convenience and ease using the custom packaging products. A self-adhesive design allows you to customize the bag without glue.

Custom poly mailers have an adhesive layer on the inside flap of the bag. This design allows you to stick a patch or label of your own onto it, extending the total branding area for reuse.

· Both Sides Sealing

Both sides sealing is a process that provides the best security and protection for your mailer bag. It is most often used for large volume packaging because of this type of seal. You can fold the bag once over and machine it on both sides, thus saving time and material.

The two-sided seal is perfect for double-sided mailing bags that require ½” of an open edge to seal. With this, you can leave the entire side of your mailer open for easy stuffing and folding.

· PE Bubbles: Pressure Proof

PE poly mailers are made of film and a layer of polyethylene, which is soft and flexible enough to provide exceptional cushioning and protection. With PE bubbles, you can safely pack your products in custom poly mailers without worrying about the items getting crushed during shipping.

Both the exterior and interior sides are covered with fine bubbles filled with air and encased in an adhesive plastic covering to seal them from dirt and liquids from both sides of the bags.


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